Voice for hospitality allows hotel guests to enjoy all the benefits of a smart speaker in their room and more. From playing music, setting alarms, getting answers to common questions, ordering room service, calling the front desk, checking out or switching the lights off, the list of features is vast.

Using voice immersive experiences can help your hotel or guesthouse property increase revenue, reduce costs and improve guest satisfaction.

Features of voice for hospitality platforms

  1. Customer Questions

Anything the customer might ask about their room, stay, facilities or amenities. For example, “what time should I check out?” or “set an alarm for 6:30”. The aim is to answer these questions and perform tasks 24/7 with no waiting time.

  1. Smart room

Controlling anything in the room, lights, tv, curtains, heating, etc. Example queries include “turn off the lights” or “play relaxing music”.

  1. Booking

This function allows customers to book the spa, order room service, book restaurants or excursions. This is essential for increasing the average revenue of each property booking and improves your upsell opportunity.

  1. Staff Request

Voice commands are useful for guests, but they can also help your staff perform their jobs more efficiently as they service the room. For example, they could use smart speakers to request a turndown service, ironing, extra pillows or note that the room had been cleaned, room needs additional maintenance, etc.


Prices range from £7.50 per room per month depending on device type and customisation .


To learn more  a free introduction to voice for hospitality session with our team.