Voice Search Ranking Report

Voice search report tracking at a key phrase level

Our Voice Search Ranking Report allows us to see how people are searching and identify initial gaps and opportunities.

The reports can be run on both Google Assistant and Alexa devices at a key phrase level. Further customisation is possible by running reports in different physical locations and in different language combinations.

Voice reports can be run as a one off report at the start of a project. We can also run the voice search tracking reports on a regular basis which allows for performance comparison over time and finally at key periods, such as voice app launches.

Clients receive the raw ranking report data, classification of results and a presentation with findings. Data is tracked over time so as when voice search optimisation takes place the impact can be tracked.

Costing for reporting is based on the number of key phrases, locations, languages and if a key phrase list is provided. If you don’t have a key phrase list, the team are able to research and generate one that is tailored to your brand.

Having this data at a granular level allows you to understand the landscape before making key decisions on voice strategy for your brand.

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