Alexa Smart Properties for Hospitality

Smart speakers in hotel rooms to increase customer satisfaction, revenue and staff efficiency.

Voice for Hospitality

Our Solution

Voice for hospitality allows hotel guests to enjoy all the benefits of a smart speaker in their room. From playing music, setting alarms, getting answers to common questions, ordering room service, calling the front desk, checking out, or switching the lights off, the list of features is vast.

Using voice immersive experiences can help your hotel or guesthouse property increase revenue, reduce costs, and improve guest satisfaction.

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Features of Alexa in Hotels and Holiday Apartments

  • Facilities

    “Alexa, what time is the gym open until today?”

  • Entertainment

    “Alexa, play Heart radio”

  • Calling & Video Calling

    “Alexa, call reception”

  • Smart Home Controls

    “Alexa, turn off the lights”

  • Reminders & Alarms

    “Alexa, set an alarm for 8 am tomorrow ”

  • Informational

    “Alexa, will it rain today?”

  • Item

    “Alexa, can I get some more water please?”

  • Food & Drink ordering

    “Alexa, please can I order 2 Heineken beers”

  • Restaurants

    “Alexa, can you recommend me a restaurant?”

  • Bookable Services

    “Alexa, can I book a table in the restaurant for tonight at 7pm for 2 people?”

  • Hospitality & Menus

    “Alexa, what treatments are available at the spa?”

  • Notifications & Broadcasts

    Notify guests of fire alarm tests or offers



  • Allow hotel guests to call the front desk, restaurant, or spa
  • Enable guests to seamlessly make service requests without having to speak with staff


  • Play white noise, sounds of the ocean, or rain to help you fall sleep
  • Set reminders and alarms to ensure guests don’t miss important events, or travel plans


  • Enable hotel guests to listen to music and the latest news
  • Provide guests with access to games, trivia, and quizzes


  • Answer guests’ questions about the amenities of the hotel and the local surroundings
  • Suggest things to do and facilities at the hotel to use

Reduce Strain on Your On-Site Staff

  • Deflect simple questions such as WIFI passwords and opening times to the devices instead of front desk staff
  • Free up further time for staff to concentrate on complex and business critical tasks, as well as guest engagement

Integrate and Streamline Your Workflow System

  • Create intelligent AI conversations to automate workflows and delight users
  • Enable guests to make service requests via the device rather than having to speak directly with staff

Improve Efficiency

  • Allow staff to track whether rooms are cleaned and inspected using in-room devices
  • Enable housekeeping to log maintenance requests using in-room devices

How it works


Privacy is our top priority, Alexa Smart Properties for hospitality has privacy built in. Guests don’t need to log into their own Amazon Account, no voice data is saved, and guests always have the option to mute or turn off the Echo smart speaker. Additional features for security include:

No Account Needed

No personal Amazon account is required for usage

No Voice Recording

Voice recordings will never be stored

Video Controls

Turn your video feed on or off at any time

Microphone Controls

Mute and unmute your audio


  • Our Custom built SaaS platform
  • Dashboard allowing you to control all the settings for your devices

With Voicierge you can:

  • Update residents phone books
  • Change the answers to FAQs Alexa reads out
  • Add in items, facilities, service requests, menus, and more
  • Access via your laptop or phone

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Voice technology revolves around enhancing experiences and, at Rabbit & Pork, we are proud to be part of the innovation behind incredible brands, hotels, sports clubs, later-life living, and more.

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  • What is Alexa Smart Properties for Hospitality?

    Alexa Smart Properties for hospitality is where a fleet of Alexa Devices are installed in one hotel, guest house or holiday properties and the devices can be controlled centrally.

    With Alexa Smart Properties for Senior Living you have more control over the settings of the devices and can control the response to voice commands.

  • How much does Alexa Smart Properties for Hospitality cost?

    There is an installation fee, device purchase fee and a monthly fee. There may also be an installation configuration fee depending on your desired setup.

    Get in contact with us and we can give you an quote based on the number of rooms, device types and customisations.

  • Can I install Alexa Smart Properties for Hospitality myself?

    No, you have to use a solution partner such as ourselves to install the devices and benefit from the smart properties features.


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