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Action Prompt

Actions prompts are when a user voice searches and Google suggests a action to open.

This can happen if someone by mistake voice searches the name of a action, so they find by accident. Or by implicit invocation (currently not live – Oct 2020)


Answer Type Example Key Phrase Example Response Data Source
Action Prompt How to make a white Russian Okay. For that, you might like Tender.
Want to give them a try?
Implicit Invocation of an Assistant Action
Action Prompt (Open) Duracell Alright. Getting Duracell. Welcome to the Duracell App. The place to
get information you can trust on the world’s most-trusted battery. You
can ask anything you’d like to know about using our batteries, or even
for fun facts. So, what would you like to know?
Implicit Invocation of an Assistant Action
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