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Easing pressure on call centres using conversation platforms

Rabbit & Pork’s team of voice architects and developers have built a solution to alleviate pressure on call centres that are over worked or understaffed. The product is a conversational engine which can be deployed in various locations to triage questions posed by customers. The virtual customer service tool provides information customers require instantly when posed with simple requests such as, ‘Can I get a refund for my flight that was cancelled?’ and filters more complex questions through to a representative, reducing extensive hold times for vulnerable or frustrated callers.

Customers can interact with the service in multiple ways, via a smart speaker, such as Alexa or the Google Assistant, by phone or visiting a website chat bot, with all platforms running 24/7.

For more information on the product, and to see it working in action, please see the below video of our Managing Director, John Campbell, talking through its capabilities in more detail.


Where are the answers stored and how can update them?

As mentioned in the video we use a central knowledge base to store all the responses. Each answer can be customised to the platform. Our Alexa Skill can reply with a voice friendly response (short and sharp) while the chat bot version can provide more detail. We give you access to makes changes to the content or we can make those changes for you.

How does the website chat bot version integrate with my website?

The website chat bot version can be a pop up the user clicks on an icon or it can be embedded in the middle of a web page. You can decide which pages it appears on and the styling can be edited to match you existing colour palette.

How quickly can the platform be created?

Within one to two weeks we can get the platform up and running with a voice integration (Google / Alexa). The platform is modular so phone and website chat bot can be added on at a later date. Once up and running we also suggest a testing period before pushing live.

How can we track the usage of the platform?

There are a number of builtin analytics tools that come with Alexa and Google, we can also add in further analytics which tracks usage per platform, common intents requested, error rates, time of day usage, length of conversations etc. We give you access to the data and can also create Google Data Studio reports.

How do we test before going live?

There are two methods of testing. Automated testing allows us to programmatically ask questions (a computer asks them quickly and checks the response) and then compares back to the desired response.  The second option, beta access is when we give you test access to use but it is not live to the public. We always recommend two rounds of testing before putting a platform live.

How much does it cost?

Costs are based upon the number of integrations (Alexa, Google, Voice, Website Chat Bot) and the number of products / questions you want the tool to answer. If you want to get an indication of costs please get in contact.

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