Alexa Smart Properties for Sports Stadiums

Add voice technology to your corporate boxes in your sports stadiums

Our Solution

We are conversational design specialists and award-winning Alexa skills developers in sports hospitality . We craft intelligent conversations that engage end-users and drive business efficiencies.

Using Alexa Smart Properties technologies as well as our VOICIERGE our SaaS software to provide a best-in-class, scalable and flexibly solution for sports stadiums cooperate boxes. elevate your match day experience in your Football, Rugby, Cricket and multiple purpose stadium.

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We put privacy first, ensuring voice technologies empower and support your residents, without having to worry about about their personal data. Alexa Smart Properties for Senior Living is different from a standard Alexa installation at home. Adding security features include.

Alexa Smart Properties have been built with security at its core. This ensure your guests privacy is put first, they don’t need to worry about their personal data or voice recording being stored or accessed.  Security features of Alexa Smart Properties  include.

Video Controls

Block the camera on device with a slider

Microphone Controls

Microphone can be muted at any point

No Voice Recording

Guests voice recordings are never stored

No Account Needed

Guests don’t need to login to an Amazon account


  • SaaS platform build specially for Alexa Smart Properties
  • Control over settings in a central dashboard
  • Features in Voicierge include
    • Phone books for guest to call different amenities
    • Answer questions that customer have
    • Add in items, facilities, items requests, meals & more
    • Usage reports over all devices




“Alexa, play stadium radio” 

Calling & Video Calling

“Alexa, can you call box 7”

Smart Home Controls

“Alexa, switch on the lights”

Reminders & Alarms

“Alexa, set a reminder for full time to remember to speak to Paul”


“Alexa, how many goals has our number 9 scored this season?” 


“Alexa, what time is the club shop open until?” 


“Alexa, can we get some more beers?”


“Alexa, please can you get a cleaner for us?” 

Activities / Fixtures

“Alexa, when the next match?”

Bookable Services

“Alexa, can you book a taxi for us for 4 people?”

Hospitality & Menus

“Alexa, what food is there at half time today?”

Notifications & Broadcasts

“The teams will be out soon, please finish your drinks and take your seats!”


“On-screen digital promotions for next games, Christmas parties and new merchandise.”

Energy Efficiency Monitoring and Proactive Support

“Alexa, Turn off all the tv’s after the guests have left.”

Benefits for your guests


  • Connect to other areas of the stadium to make food orders, speak to the merchandise and corporate hospitality teams
  • Request visits from the bookmarker to visit the box or enter competitions


  • Custom messaging to welcome corporate guests
  • Use a voice specific to your sporting team / brand and visuals to match club identity


  • Access sporting statistics to inform and engage (and end arguments!)
  • Access to audio / video highlights and content on screen devices


  • Give guests the power to control lighting, heating and TV all through the power of voice
  • Save energy by allow staff to control all items in one command to turn off

Benefits for your Business

Reduce strain on your On-site staff

  • Manage routine requests and triage queries to ensure staff have time to do the work that delivers the most impact
  • Empower guests to make request rather than having to call staff to the corporate boxes

Integrate and Streamline your Workflow System

  • Send requests direct to staff with SMS, Email or existing workflow systems
  • Allow staff to log when rooms are cleaned or setup for meetings on non game days

Engage and Deliver improved guest experience

  • Allow guests to control in room heating, lights and tv
  • Access to stats before, during and after matches

Increase Revenue

  • Promote Christmas events, non season ticket games and end of year awards
  • Make requesting merchandise or the book maker easier with Alexa

Alexa Smart Properties integrates with

To learn more about how Alexa Smart Properties for Sports Stadiums can help your guests and organisation get in contact with the team to arrange a demo. You can find a time using the form below or head over to the contact page to send us an email.

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