Alexa Smart Properties

Rabbit & Pork are a Alexa Smart Properties Solution Provider

Our Solution

Rabbit & Pork are an Alexa Smart Properties Solution Provider in the EU. Building upon our years of experience of creating Alexa Skills we are now able to bring the power of Alexa Smart Properties to your hotel and senior living properties.


Alexa Smart Properties for Senior Living

Providing & delivering voice solutions and experiences in the Care Sector.

Alexa Smart Properties for Senior Living

Alexa Smart Properties for Hospitality

Smart speakers in Hotel Rooms – Increase customer satisfaction, revenue and staff efficiency using voice technology.

Alexa Smart Properties for Hospitality

Alexa Smart Properties for Stadiums

Add voice technology to the corporate boxes in your sports stadiums.

Alexa Smart Properties for Sports Stadiums


We put privacy first, ensuring voice technologies empower and support your residents, without having to worry about about their personal data. Alexa Smart Properties is different from a standard Alexa installation at home. Adding security features include.

No Account Needed

Guests don’t need to login to an Amazon account.

No Voice Recording

Guests’ voice recordings are never stored.

Video Controls

Block the device’s camera with a slider.

Microphone Controls

Microphone can be muted at any point.


Thought leaders in an emerging technology. Their attention to detail in helping us to navigate implementing voice skills into our activity has been made far easier by tapping into their knowledge and expertise.

Nigel Saxon, Search Engine optimisation Manager at LV


  • Our Custom built SaaS platform
  • Dashboard allowing you to control all the settings for your devices
  • Update residents’ phone books
  • Change the answers to the FAQs that Alexa reads out
  • Add in items, facilities, service requests, menus & more
  • Access via your laptop or phone

Who we’ve worked with

Voice technology revolves around enhancing experiences and, at Rabbit & Pork, we are proud to be part of the innovation behind incredible brands, hotels, sports clubs, later-life living, and more


  • What is Alexa Smart Properties?

    Alexa Smart Properties are a solution where Alexa Devices are installed in locations including hotels, sport stadiums, or senior living properties. The devices can be controlled centrally from a console and users access a private Alexa Skill.

    With Alexa Smart Properties,  organisations have control over the settings of the devices and can control the response to voice commands.

  • Can I install Alexa Smart Properties myself?

    No, Alexa Smart Properties are not open to the public or general developers. You have to engage with a solution provider such as ourselves to setup and install devices on Alexa Smart Properties.

  • How much does Alexa Smart Properties cost?

    The costs have three factors: which devices you purchase (Echo Dot around £49,99 to the Echo Show around £119.99), how many devices you need, e.g., the number of rooms you want to install, and then a monthly fee based on the number of active devices. There may also be a installation configuration fee depending on your desired setup.


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If you’re interested in bringing the power of Alexa Smart Properties to your business, we’d love to hear from you.