Voice Workshops & Consulting

Owning the voice journey, from ideation to optimisation

Voice workshops

We start all new Voice projects with a workshop, with the aim to educate key stakeholders on the various voice platforms and opportunities within Voice Search.

The outcome of these workshops is to define a use case for Voice, which feeds into a launch plan, e.g.:

  • Focus on gaining and improving featured snippets on your website
  • Develop an action/skill to perform a particular function
  • Areas of possible integration with other applications/devices

The workshops are run as a group, with members of the client and agency teams sharing and evaluating ideas.

Following the definition of a use case, we then run a voice persona session where we define the brand tone of voice, to ensure that all communications performed via this platform are consistent with your other marketing channels.

Prices for our voice workshop start at £2,500

Insights & Consultancy

Publishing your voice app is only the first step of the journey.

The interesting part really begins when you can see how users are interacting with your brand and the specific tasks or queries they need assistance with.

We facilitate rapid learning about what’s driving user engagement by analysing interactions with your voice app through our suite of sophisticated reporting tools.

We can quickly identify which areas of your voice search offering are highest priority for users, and areas where we need to build out supporting content to fulfil their needs.

In our voice app development, we favour iterative design, building upon a prototype using actual user engagement data to ensure that we are evolving at the same rate as users’ familiarity with voice search. This is where voice analytics is vitally important, as it helps us to continue to improve performance and unveil new opportunities which can’t be identified through traditional research tools.


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