Voice Strategy

Learning about the status of voice search in your industry through market exploration is always our starting point.

We have three stages to our voice strategy service which allows brands to understand the current landscape in voice, where opportunity lies for them and most importantly what work they should undertake to succeed in voice.

Market Exploration

Market Exploration

Our Voice Search Ranking Report allows us to see how people are searching and identify initial gaps and opportunities. We also research competitors abilities in existing voice apps and the potential threats of entering the market too late.

Brand Exploration

Brand Exploration

Once we understand more about your market and consumers’ behaviour we will then apply these learnings to Brand Exploration.

We use workshops to gather brand requirements, train your team and begin developing use cases for voice that are applicable to your customers.

Insights & Consultancy

Insights & Consultancy

Once your voice app is live, it doesn’t stop there. We can provide ongoing Insights and Consultancy to help you continue to improve your performance. This helps feedback on the initial market and brand exploration phrases, vitally important in this fast moving vertical.

Here are some voice apps we’ve built

Making customer questions easier, quicker & conversational

Launching The Big Conversation on Alexa and Google

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