Google Actions

Building and promoting voice applications for the Google Assistant

The Google Assistant is Google’s voice assistant, present in almost all modern Android devices, as well as the range of Google Home smart speakers and speakers from third-party manufacturers.

If your brand wants to be featured on Google Assistant, we can help you develop “Google Actions”, which are software applications that extend the functionality of the Google Assistant on compatible devices. Actions are similar to “Alexa Skills” on Alexa speakers, in that they engage users through a conversational interface that can range from quick commands such as playing news headlines, to longer conversations such as finding recipes based on specific dietary requirements.

Using a mixture of market research, creative thinking and iterative design principles, we can help your brand create a personalised experience on the Google Assistant. With a team of experienced voice architects and developers, we help our clients at every stage of the Google Action production cycle, from workshops to define a use case, through to ongoing analytics, insights and optimisations. We can also use the wider specialties within TIPi Group to create and execute a promotion strategy once the Action is live.

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