Alexa Smart Properties for Hospitality

Smart speakers in Hotel Rooms - Increase customer satisfaction, revenue and staff efficiency using voice technology

Voice for hospitality allows hotel guests to enjoy all the benefits of a smart speaker in their room and more. From playing music, setting alarms, getting answers to common questions, ordering room service, calling the front desk, checking out or switching the lights off, the list of features is vast.

Using voice immersive experiences can help your hotel or guesthouse property increase revenue, reduce costs and improve guest satisfaction.

  1. Customer Questions

Anything the customer might ask about their room, stay, facilities or amenities. For example, “what time should I check out?” or “set an alarm for 6:30”. The aim is to answer these questions and perform tasks 24/7 with no waiting time.

  1. Smart room

Controlling anything in the room, lights, tv, curtains, heating, etc. Example queries include “turn off the lights” or “play relaxing music”.

  1. Booking

This function allows customers to book the spa, order room service, book restaurants or excursions. This is essential for increasing the average revenue of each property booking and improves your upsell opportunity.

  1. Staff Request

Voice commands are useful for guests, but they can also help your staff perform their jobs more efficiently as they service the room. For example, they could use smart speakers to request a turndown service, ironing, extra pillows or note that the room had been cleaned, room needs additional maintenance, etc.


Privacy is our top priority, Alexa Smart Properties for hospitality has privacy build in. Guests don’t need to log into their own Amazon Account, no voice data is saved and the hotel guest always have the option to mute or turn of the Echo smart speaker. Additional features for security include

No Voice Recording

Audio / voice recordings are not saved on any servers

No Amazon Login  Needed

The guest doesn’t need to login to their Amazon Account


Microphone Controls

Disabled the device using the mute botton

Video Controls

Devices can have a camera cover, or have Echo dot devices with no camera


  • Voicierge is out SaaS platform custom made for Alexa Smart Properties
  • Portal that allows you to change all the settings for devices and your setup
  • Access via mobile or desktop computer
  • With Voicierge you can:
    • Update phone books
    • Change answers to FAQs
    • Add in items, facilities, service requests, meals & more
    • Access reports on usage across all devices
  • Voicierge features include:
    • Update internal contact details
    • Change answers to questions that hotel guest might have
    • Change the opening times for facilities
    • Add in items that guests have questions on or need to request
    • Add in visual promotions for Echo Show devices
    • Send broadcast messages and notifications to guests

Features of Alexa Smart Properties for Hotels


“Alexa, play Radio X” 

Calling & Video Calling

“Alexa, can you call reception for me”

Smart Home Controls

“Alexa, turn the heating on to 21 degrees”

Reminders & Alarms

“Alexa, set an alarm for 7 am tomorrow morning”


“Alexa, what is the wifi password?” 


“Alexa, where is the gym located” 

Items / Room service requests

“Alexa, can you order some room service


“Alexa, my toilet is broken can you send someone to fix it?” 


“Alexa, what events are happing tonight?”

Bookable Services

“Alexa, book a table at the restaurant tonight for 2 people”


“Alexa, what food is served at the restaurant”

Notifications & Broadcasts

“Happy hour will be starting at the bar in 30 minutes time, its 50% off all drinks!”


“On-screen digital promotions for offers at the bar, bookable facilities such as the spa or future bookings”

Energy Efficiency Monitoring and Proactive Support

“check temperature of un occupied rooms,  alert staff to rooms at risk.”

Local Services

“Alexa, recommend me a local park to go running”


“Alexa, checkout”

Benefits for your hotel and staff

Reduce strain on your On-site hotel staff

  • Deflect calls and questions at the front desk for simple questions such as opening times, wifi passwords etc
  • Allows staff to concentrate on complex tasks and guest engagement

Integrate and Streamline your Workflow System

  • Create intelligent AI conversations to automate workflows and delight users
  • Enable guest to make service request via the smart speaker rather than having to speak to staff and then staff log the request

Improve efficiency of house keeping

  • Allow staff to mark rooms as cleaned an inspected using their voice
  • Enable housekeeping to log maintenance request when cleaning rooms

Increase RevPAR with voice

  • Make hotel guests award of bookable services such as the spa, tours, restaurants
  • Allow those guests to make instant booking using the smart speaker

Benefits for your hotel guests


  • Allow hotel guests to quickly call the front desk or restaurant or spa
  • Enable staff to make service requests without having to speak to someone


  • Enable hotel guests to listen to music and the latest news
  • Provide guests with access to games, trivia and quizzes

Help get a good night rest

  • Play white noise, sounds of the ocean or rain to help you get to sleep
  • Set reminders and alarms to ensure guests don’t miss important events.


  • Answer guests questions about the amenities of the hotel and the local surrounding
  • Suggest things to do and facilities at the hotel to use.

Platform providers

Alexa for hospitality

Alexa Smart Properties for Hospitality provides device fleet management to build Alexa capabilities at scale. Through Alexa APIs, you can assign devices to properties, enable Alexa skills and create a customised guest experience. Alexa Smart Properties for Hospitality works with most hospitality software solutions and provides you the option of managing devices through a centralised console. This feature works with Amazon Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Dot, and coming soon, Echo Show. It offers dynamic language switching and is private and secure, as not voice interactions are ever recorded.

Google Nest Hub for hospitality

Similar to Alexa, Google’s hospitality solution allows travellers to use a Nest Hub smart display in their hotel room to play music, order fresh towels, check out, etc.

You can create a branded hotel panel, with some features more closely aligned to the Google suite such as playing videos on YouTube. You can also use the Nest Hub to leave feedback about your trip via a mid-stay survey, to ensure your guests are enjoying their trip.

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