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Our Solution

We are conversational design specialists and award-winning Alexa skills developers in Senior Living. Our team craft intelligent conversations that put people at the centre of care and drive efficiencies for staff. As leaders in emerging technology, our experts automate systems to help organisations to build efficiencies and delight residents through improved customer experiences.

We leverage the best of Alexa Smart Properties technologies together with our own Voicierge SaaS software to provide a best-in-class, flexible, and scalable solutions for care homes. Your residents privacy is our priority, meaning that residents are empowered and supported by voice technology.

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Features of Alexa in Care Home

  • Facilities

    “Alexa, what time is the garden open until today?”

  • Entertainment

    “Alexa, play the radio”

  • Calling & Video Calling

    “Alexa, call John”

  • Smart Home Controls

    “Alexa, turn off the lights”

  • Reminders and Alarms Speech

    “Alexa, set a reminder for bingo tonight at 6pm”

  • Information

    “Alexa, will it rain today?”

  • Item Request

    “Alexa, can I get some more water please?”

  • Maintenance

    “Alexa, please send someone to my room.”

  • Activities

    “Alexa, what activities are happening this week?”

  • Bookable Services

    “Alexa, when is my hairdressers appointment?”

  • Hospitality & Menus

    “Alexa, what’s for dinner today?”

  • Notifications

    Automatically send to residents devices.



  • Give residents access to the internet using their voice
  • Answer residents questions 24/7 about events, facilities, and common everyday questions

Keep Moving & Stay Sharp

  • Encourage residents to stay active through Alexa’s range of apps
  • Ensure residents never miss a hair, physio or other appointment with Alexa’s reminders and broadcasts

Engage & Converse

  • Connect to family and friends through Alexa’s video & calling technology
  • Connect with other residents and staff with calls to other devices and handsets

Elevated Resident Experience

  • Leverage Alexa’s many features to ask for maintenance, request support from staff, or even ask for a cup of tea
  • Give residents the power to control lighting, heating, and TV all through the power of voice

Reduce Strain on Your On-Site Staff

  • Manage routine requests and triage queries, ensuring staff have time to do the work that delivers impact
  • Empower residents to manage basic day-to-day tasks through smart rooms

Integrate and Streamline Your Workflow System

  • Create intelligent AI conversations to automate workflows and delight users
  • Enable residents to log service requests through Alexa

Engage & Deliver Improved Resident Experience

  • Communicate with residents remotely through video and audio
  • Give residents a new touchpoint for connecting with loved ones

Support Residents

  • Combat loneliness by helping residents stay connected and entertained
  • Engage with all residents through broadcasts and encourage inclusion and community cohesion

How it works


We put privacy first, ensuring voice technologies empower and support your residents without worrying about their personal data. Alexa Smart Properties for Senior Living differs from a standard Alexa installation at home. Adding security features include the following:

No Account Needed

No personal Amazon account is required for usage

No Voice Recording

Voice recordings will never be stored

Video Controls

Turn your video feed on or off at any time

Microphone Controls

Mute and unmute your audio


  • Our Custom built SaaS platform
  • Dashboard allows you to control all the settings for your devices

With Voicierge you can:

  • Update residents phone books
  • Change the answers to FAQs Alexa reads out
  • Add in items, facilities, service requests, meals, and more
  • Access via your laptop or phone

Integrates with

person centred software

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Who we are working with

Voice technology revolves around enhancing experiences and, at Rabbit & Pork, we are proud to be part of the innovation behind incredible brands, hotels, sports clubs, later-life living, and more.

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  • What is Alexa Smart Properties for Senior Living?

    Alexa Smart Properties for Senior Living is where a fleet of Alexa Devices are installed in one senior living property and the devices can be controlled centrally.

    With Alexa Smart Properties for Senior Living you have more control over the settings of the devices and can control the response to voice commands.

  • How much does Alexa Smart Properties for Senior Living cost?

    The costs have three factors: which devices you purchase (Echo Dot around £49,99 to the Echo Show around £119.99), how many devices you need, e.g., the number of rooms you want to install, and then a monthly fee based on the number of active devices. There may also be an installation configuration fee depending on your desired setup.

  • Can I install Alexa Smart Properties for Senior Living myself?

    No, to install you need to work with an Alexa Smart Properties Solution Provider. We are a solution provider so are able to undertake an installation for you.


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