Best Alexa Skills for Care Homes

Our pick of Alexa Skills

Shannon Lynch

Marketing Manager

There are many benefits to using Alexa Smart Properties in care homes and senior living locations. However, there is one benefit which is often overlooked and that is the ability to enable existing Alexa Skills for residents.

Alexa Skills are essentially voice apps for Alexa. Over the past eight years brands, charities, developers and publishers have created thousands of Alexa Skills. This cumulative effort must account for millions of pounds and hours of development. Best of all, those skills can be enabled on devices in a matter of seconds.

sleep sounds
This skill is great for those who like some background noise to help them sleep at night.
bbc news
BBC News is now interactive and regularly updated with the latest headlines, allowing the user to deep-dive into the stories which are of interest.
RNIB Talking Books
RNIB has a selection of audiobooks with real voice narration, from best-sellers to classics.
Tracking and improving your wellbeing has never been smarter or kinder with the Kindspace skill for Amazon Alexa.
TVguide helps the user discover new shows on both TV and VOD platforms such as Netflix. The skill will also give recommendations and TV reminders can be set.
True or False
True or False is a trivia game skill to let the user test their world knowledge. This includes an option for multi-player mode where players can go head-to-head.
It’s the TV show in an Alexa Skill! The rules are the same as the TV gameshow and even feature the voices of the presenters.
Find My Phone
Find My Phone allows the Alexa device to call the user’s phone if it has been lost or misplaced.
On This Day
This skill is great for conversation starters or to refresh the user’s memories. On This Day will tell the user interesting things which happened on that date in the past, with facts which refresh each day.
Lottery Results
Listen to the latest and past UK Lottery results.
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Shannon Lynch

Marketing Manager

Shannon has joined TIPi Group in October 2021 as Marketing Manager, overseeing and putting into action marketing aspects and projects for TIPi Group, as well as the brands within. Shannon started her marketing career in 2015, gaining experience in a range of elements from social media to print advertising and events. Passionate about marketing and what it can achieve, Shannon is excited to be part of the digital world and challenging herself to learn more!