Building a voice app to answer LV= GI customers’ car, home insurance and breakdown cover queries

John Campbell

Managing Director & Co founder


LV= General Insurance provides car, home, pet, travel, landlord, breakdown and home emergency insurance to over 7 million customers in the UK.


LV= GI came to Rabbit & Pork with the challenge of using voice technology to create a new way to answer customer queries, providing increased accessibility for their customer base whilst also taking strain off their call-centres. With 28,000+ questions on policy documents being taken by their call centre employees every month, the voice app would free up time for these employees to handle more in-depth calls or claims.



We created the first ever multi-insurance Voice App, available with a mirrored experience across Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. LV= GI customers can ask to ‘Speak to LV=’ then choose between car and home insurance or breakdown cover, then ask, for example, if they can drive abroad, how they can make a claim on their policy, and even how they can add a named driver on their policy.

The voice app is able to answer over 750 questions, simultaneously reporting questions that users ask that it couldn’t answer which can then be added into future releases, enabling the app to improve over time. The CMS system allows us to quickly update the answers if required, which enabled us to add in COVID-19 related questions and content.

The voice app includes intelligent features such as dynamic suggestions on phone numbers according to the day of the week and time, and the ability to handle multi-step questions. For LV= GI customers it provides an accessible, instant, and 24/7 means of answering questions at a time and place that is convenient to them.


The voice apps have collectively been enabled over 4,000 times (up to and including December 2020), with an average of just over seven questions answered per day since launch at the end of January 2020. The most popular questions have been:

  •       Can I drive in Europe?
  •       Can I drive other cars?

Of the questions relating to Covid-19, the most common have been:

  •       Can I still make a claim?
  •       Am I covered to use my car for volunteering?

We continue to work with LV= to optimise and bring more functionality to their voice app.

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The voice app has also received acclaim within the Insurance industry and was crowned the winner of the 2020 Compare the Meerkat Simples Award in the Innovation category and The Voice of Money Award for Best Financial Voice/AI Developer of the Year 2021.





Thought leaders in an emerging technology. Their attention to detail in helping us to navigate implementing voice skills into our activity has been made much easier by tapping into their knowledge and expertise.
Nigel Saxon, Search Optimisation Manager at LV=
“Rabbit & Pork’s strategic voice response to our customer service challenge has shown us the value in using voice as a communications channel. Working with the team to produce an industry-first voice experience solution has also enabled us to provide extra support to our staff and our customers. Rabbit & Pork are experts in their field and would be helpful to any company looking to establish voice as part of their strategy”.
Kate Randall, GI Lead Compliance Change, LV= GI
John Campbell

Managing Director & Co founder

John founded Rabbit & Pork as the third agency and Voice Experience arm of TIPi Group. John has developed and launched several Google Actions and Skills, presented at several voice events around the UK, spoken on the VUX podcast and authored multiple whitepapers.