2022 Voice Predictions

What are our voice predictions for 2022?

Shannon Lynch

Marketing Manager

It’s a New Year so that only means one thing… our Voice Predictions for 2022!

2022 is a year where we are expecting big things and are looking forward to seeing what industry and tech updates are brought our way. So what does our Rabbit & Pork MD, John Campbell think will happen for Voice Marketing over the next 12 months?

As per last year, we’ll be using a points system which we’ve borrowed from Moz.

Nailed It (+2) – When a prediction is right on the money and the primary criteria are fulfilled
Partially Accurate (+1) – Predictions that are in the ballpark, but are somewhat different than reality
Not Completely Wrong (-1) – Those that got near the truth, but are more “incorrect” than “correct”
Way Off (-2) – Guesses which didn’t come close

Watch the video below or read below.



1. Amazon Devices Outside of the Home – We will start to see amazon devices in more business locations, hotels, businesses, flats, shops etc. where they will become part of a customer service offering.

2. Automatic Skill Creation – You will be able to upload product details or information and build your skill.

3. Alexa via Phone Line – Ability to automatically deploy an Alexa skill via a telephone line or rooted to from your IVR systems.



1. Voice Search Data – We will start to gain Voice Search data in either a tool or a platform from Google. We can bid on them or build an audience.

2. Paid Campaigns – Custom assistants from brands to run, such as “Hey Google”, “Hey Nike” so brands can create paid campaigns using Voice Search.

3. Using Google Assitant to Create Audio or Video Content – This would include aspects such as your Google Assistant to listen to you and create a Podcast or Youtube Video. Or use your camera and using Google Assistant as a Production Assitant.



1. Apple will launch an equivalent to Google Skills – Including actions

2. VR headset with Siri – Allowing VR play and voice interaction using Siri for this experience

3. Home Control Panel – We start to see a display home control where it can be a hub to control the tech in the home.


General Industry Predictions

1. Merge of NFT + Voice – Through monetization or gamification or the ability to win content via an Alexa skill action.

2. Interoperability (in a commercial device) – One device is able to run multiple assistants. It may be a device that can run Alexa but also its own skills. (Open Voice Network)

3. Voice Cloning Problems/Security / Fake news – A big news story regarding hackers using voice technology. Brands also creating their own persona and adopting this Voice Search technology.


Let’s see how many of the predictions are correct at the end of 2022!

Shannon Lynch

Marketing Manager

Shannon has joined TIPi Group in October 2021 as Marketing Manager, overseeing and putting into action marketing aspects and projects for TIPi Group, as well as the brands within. Shannon started her marketing career in 2015, gaining experience in a range of elements from social media to print advertising and events. Passionate about marketing and what it can achieve, Shannon is excited to be part of the digital world and challenging herself to learn more!