Amazon’s take on how Alexa is helping the elderly to feel more connected

Kate Sweet

Marketing Executive

According to the World Health Organisation, people are living longer. At present, most people are expected to live into their sixties and beyond. Every country in the world is experiencing growth in both the size and the proportion of elderly people in their population.

Indeed, by 2030, 1 in 6 people worldwide will be aged 60 years or over.

Therefore, the contemporary subject of how best we can support our ever-expanding elderly population is well worth exploring the extent to which Alexa affects them.

In their recent article ‘How Alexa is helping the elderly to feel more connected’, Amazon drew insights from a new study by Thinks Insights & Strategy that researched a group of people aged 65+ across the UK and the extent to which using an Alexa device impacts them.

Amazon teamed up with journalist and presenter Angela Rippon to raise awareness of the power of technology to help reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation.


According to this recent study, Alexa devices have the ability to reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness with 81% of participants reporting that Alexa reduced feelings of isolation and ‘made them feel less lonely’.

So, why is that?

In Rippon’s words: “People often talk about how technology can confuse and cut off older people, but it can also offer solutions,” said Angela Rippon. “AI voice services like Alexa can bring family and friends into your home and because it’s voice activated, there is no complicated technology involved. It’s so easy to use, and can answer your questions about the weather – or even how to perfect the Cha-Cha.

“I often use Alexa for relatively simple tasks like making my shopping list but it’s amazing how much it helps. We need to continue to make technology more accessible for elderly people and to encourage friends, families, charities and volunteers to help us along the way.”


Once set up with their devices, participants were interviewed three times throughout the course of the study: just before the start, after two weeks, and after four weeks. During the study, a significant increase in levels of comfort with technology can be seen. To begin, 39% of participants stated they were comfortable using technology prior to using Alexa, which then rose to 50% after four weeks with Alexa.


The study also showed the positive impact of Alexa’s on the participants’ sense of wellbeing, with participants confirming a lift in spirits after just two weeks with the device. Prior to the study, 49% said that they were in good spirits within the last two weeks. This rose to 68% after two weeks with Alexa, and 75% after four weeks. This discloses the potential for technology to improve people’s sense of wellbeing.


Read more about how Alexa is helping elderly people to feel more connected in Amazon’s article here.

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Kate Sweet

Marketing Executive