Testing out the new voice assistant from the BBC : Beeb

A first test of Beeb from the BBC

John Campbell

Managing Director & Co founder

The BBC announced in August of 2019 that they were working on a new voice assistant for the BBC. Last week the Beta version of Beeb was launched which allowed users to test Beeb as an app which would be accessible if you are part of the Microsoft’s Windows Insider Programme.

So after a little back and forth on getting access to the programme and updating my laptop, I was able to test out Beeb. Rather than writing up notes, I recorded a little video which includes a demo of a few features and some observations.

Hats off to the BBC team, not only to build the product but also to include a “custom voice” to the app, rather than using an exciting “Male UK 1”, is impressive. Really looking forward to future updates and how this can integrate with existing BBC products.

Read more about how you can install over at – https://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/aboutthebbc/entries/45d6b6c9-9f40-4f90-8616-37d5a294490f


John Campbell

Managing Director & Co founder

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