The State of Voice in the Alcohol Industry

A deep-dive report

Steff Preyer

Business Director

Last Updated : 04/10/19

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Introduction to voice in the alcohol industry

With the global rise in voice search and increasing sales of smart speakers, the wine, beer and spirits industry is utilising voice apps to drive customer engagement, leads and sales.

If you haven’t already started looking at voice as a marketing channel for your alcohol brand, some of these statistics might make you pay attention:

  • 55% of households are expected to own a smart speaker device by 2022 (OC&C Strategy Consultants)
  • 44% of regular voice search users order groceries and other items using their voice-activated speaker on a weekly basis (Think With Google)
  • 34% of marketers expect to have a voice app by 2020 (ai)

Some well-known brands such as Diageo, Heineken and Grey Goose have already taken advantage of the rise in voice adoption, but there is still great opportunity for other alcohol brands to leverage this growing trend.

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Steff Preyer

Business Director

Previously an Account Director at ROAST, Steff joined Rabbit & Pork to help brands understand the potential for Voice Search and defines use cases to drive maximum impact for awareness, retention and revenue.
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